Forbidden love

Vanilla Sex

Forbidden love


This is the story of the broken heart because our love was forbidden.

No one knew what of a feeling we have for each other.

He didn't know that he was my first love.

I have never told him about it. I never knew what his feelings was.

We have grown up together. We know each other perfectly. In the way that no one else did.

With the years I grew to love him.

I was 18. I was returning from school. He and his family came to our house for the weekend like they always liked to do.

This time he was alone sitting in the armchair.

When I came in there were no words, just silent glance. The look was enough to understand that we were lost.

He was so close that I could hear his breath. My heart kicked and I lost feeling of the time. I thought it took forever until he reached me and kissed.

So soft and tenderly so I couldn’t stand. God thing He was holding me otherwise I would fall because I lost my balance.

I couldn’t understand the sours of such feeling. The electricity was in between us.

I felt how his hardiness. I start blushing. Understanding that there is no way back.

I slowly started reaching him and felt the whole hardiness in my hands. I knelt right a fort of him and started to undo his belt. It took a deep breath to gain all courage I had to do what I was going to do.

I have never seen men gentiles in my life. I tried not to show how nervous in reality I was.

I took it and gently started to move my right hand up and down. I leaked the head of  it and heard the silent breath coming from him. I felt that he likes what I was doing and continued this time taking the head entirely into my mouth.

The sensation took over me, I knew that he likes and I liked it too.

 Slowly bringing my head up and down: taking the whole length into my mouth I felt his hand on my head holding my heir tightly and started to move faster. I couldn’t breathe for few seconds. Shortly I felt liquid flowing into my mouth and he made me swallow.  

He knelt a fort of me and kissed so passionately like it was last time we would see each other.

Who would’ve known that in deed it was the last time I saw him.  The next day his family were gone without any explanation.

I couldn’t reach him. His phone was off. Later my mom told that he left for sturdy to UK.

That was the end for me. I didn’t know how to live. I lost the something very important to me. I felt a black hole in my heart. I was broken.

He was my cousin. Two years older than me.


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