The editor of a lifetime

Big Dick

The editor of a lifetime

It was a long day at the office Marie was just finishing editing a book before here new client arrived. 

Marie looked up to see her new client Tom he was tall , chiseled, and handsome.


Marie stood up fron her desk to shake his hand and found her self drawn in by his eyes.

They said down and Marie explained the process from start to finish.

But she found her self imagining all the things she would like to do to him. 

As she walked him to the door she said oh wait one last thing. 

And she shut the door and as she did he leaned down and kissed her and as he did he shoved her up against the door. 

They began to rub themselves against each other softly moaning. 

Tom began to slowly unbutton her dress shirt, one button at a time, until her bouncy perky boobs were staring at him. 

He began to run and lick her boobs and started to rub her nipples with one index finger and his thumb. 

Marie could feel her panties getting wetter by the moment .

Tom got down on his knees and lifted up her skirt and began to lick at her underwear. 

Until she began to squirm and moan and he pulled down her panties. 

He began to lick and suck at her big clit, it was like a soldier standing at attention.

He started to finger her sweet tasting pussy , harder and harder as he began to use that hurricane tongue of his. 

Mmm, I am going to cum she announced 

And as her body began to shake , all of a sudden she started to squirt all over his face and the floor. 

" you naughty girl" he said 

And he flipped her around and gave her a spanking , oh baby please fuck me , I need your hard dick.

So he put her hands on the door and began to fuck that sweet little pussy. 


Harder and harder he fucked her they both were moaning as she began to play with her pussy.

She started rubbing her big clit faster and faster. 

I am going to cum again she said and her whole body began to tremble as she came all over that hard dick.

Oh baby I am going to cum , get on your knees. 

Tom began to stroke his coke harder and harder until he began to shoot cum all over her pretty little face. 

What an amazing editor you are he said. 

Same time next week? Marie said 

I cant wait to cum see you again.

Marie said now this is going to be a great new client.


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