Menage within the school -part 1


Menage within the school -part 1

Real story happened to me.

My boyfriend kissed another girl at school (I'm horny and bisexual) and told me, I saw who she was and I found her a hot, blonde, short, big breasts and big ass !! She said straight but I asked we kissed the 3 anyway ... She thought, accepted (and liked), so in an empty room inside the school, we kissed a lot more ... First I kissed her, caught her breasts and her big ass! My boyfriend was looking, approached and we kissed all 3 at the same time! Soon after we put her in the middle of her back to him rubbing her ass on him! While she kissed me and I caressed her, sticking her finger in her pussy. Soon she was without a bra with her shirt up and me too ... he with the stick out of his pants, that tasty cock! She and I started to suck him together rubbing and kissing, sucking him to cum in our mouth!!

She found his fucking hot !! Soon after we both lowered our pants and while he fucked me I sucked her who was lying on the teacher's desk moaning softly, then she sucked me while he got me on my 4 on the floor.

Fucked our pussy a lot, and I fucked her pussy a lot, sucked with desire, it was very tasty! We enjoyed the 3 ... we fixed our clothes very fast because it was time for some teacher to arrive in the room, we went back to their classroom, thinking about that bitch all day, I got wet the whole class ...

Crazy for repeat the adventure! And repeat ... 


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