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  • Dec 14, 2017, 10:52:40 AM

    !!!!!!!!!! I do NOT need to vote for you !!!!!!!!

    Hello my love :*

    As you surely know, this year is the "Amateur of the Year" again.

    Anyone who knows me certainly knows that it has no meaning for me and I did not even know that I automatically take part in it! So I did not apply for it!
    For technical reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to leave the airship and I have looked into it for the first time and have seen that so many people have given me their votes. This is very intense and of course I thank you for it anyway.
    Of course you are welcome to continue to do so, but I will not beg for a hot webcam chat, nor in my messages to you and also do not make me a profile picture on the "Please give me your vote".
    So let's just keep going like before and just have fun together.

    I'll smack you: *: *: *

    !!!!!!!!!! I do NOT need to vote for you !!!!!!!!