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You can now kneeling under me and nice to open your slaves mouth wide for me. At the bottom of the gutter, because where you belong, you're going to wait for that, I exhort you to eat the ashes. Most of all you would now be very close to my lips and look deeply into my eyes and absorb the smoke out of my mouth! But I'm not going to allow dirt mutt! You obey your will-fuming mistress, waiting only to my instructions and want to inhale the smoke of my cigarette. You love to serve me as a living ashtray dinger. Open your mouth wide open for my cigarette ash. I, your mistress Sheila'll express the butt on your slaves eggs if you do what I ask you have to pee in your pants. Throughout the urine running down your pants. Be a good ash eater and obey your mistress Smoking! Last but not least you may distribute the cigarette butt your mistress eat! Lecker what?

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