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In 2010 you can book at me real user's club in the area of Bielefeld. And as always, I'm on the move:On 2.3. in Cologne and at 16.3. in the Osnabrück area

Appointment: Mail "dag-ms ät freenet. Com"


I stand to each course individually and / or groups / pairs available, because I'm not a fake. Make hotel and home visits.

And please, please, help me, a Naturgeile Transe with the BEST of both sexes! I need your Schw .. Mail me if you want to know more come and go. By the way: I'm not a fake and wants no fake answers. I need it real!

Anyone who thinks that my pictures were a fake, you should try out the videos and will certainly know better. I'm actually a transvestite with cock and tits.

Your slim TS Andrea (see considerably younger) is waiting for you real
And new photos of the loading of the tail with a golden shower by hosing, my new high heel boots and the Coke bottle in my ass, cunt, piss out of the ass-cunt, from masturbation, from the catheter in the tail from the stump of the amputated leg
and other toys are online. Now the new pics from the milking the tits. And among the videos, there is now with the catheter in the tail, which can be totally phased out me and how I am a cripple-Transe root struggling with high heel on one foot.Das geilste video ever Wichs here at MdH!

DU BIST GEIL ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If YOU want to - I always want! Regardless of whether you physically normal
are or not. Each case is me / r normal, regardless of whether F or F, whether TV, TG or TS,
- WE are all people who have needs! I meet her real

You can carry me the way, not only with long blond hair have, but also with medium blond or red-gesträhnt and wavy, with long hair. Who wants it: I also like to wear a leather mask. Otherwise, you always get a sexy outfit, when my tits, high heels, etc. I live near Bielefeld.

New Service:You can send me condoms and empty, I fill them with the most valuable, which has a transvestite: With Shemale semen.
By the way: Shemale semen is particularly valuable because most of the Shemales unable to cumshot. Unlike me, I am and always dauergeil SPRAY.

Protection of "sexual identity"

The city states of Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg have the draft to the Federal law amending the Basic Law (Article 3 para 3 S. 1 GG) introduced.

Through the proposed constitutional amendment, the treatment based on "sexual aims Identity "will be constitutionally prohibited. Under Article 3, paragraph 3 p. 1 GG no one shall be discriminated against his sex, his parentage, his race, language, homeland and Origin, creed, religious or political beliefs or disadvantaged
are preferred. In this catalog was two, in particular, followed in Nazi Germany Groups: the disabled and homosexuals. The revision of the Basic Law after
the reunion was in Article 3, Section 3 Sentence 2 Basic Law, the prohibition of discrimination on grounds disability included. The inclusion of "sexual identity" as an additional feature was true also of the Joint Constitutional Commission of Parliament Federal suggested, but did not have the necessary two-thirds majority.
Based on this motion to request the states of Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg the inclusion of a ban on discrimination based on "sexual identity".Homo-and Bisexual, transgender, transsexual and intersex peoplewere still Hostile, violent assaults and discrimination exposed. Whilst accepting that the
Discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation in many areas by einfachgesetzliche Regulations prohibited. The addition of Article 3, paragraph 3 p. 1 GG, but also creates addition, a clear basis for the simple and legislators consider how to reduce legal extralegal deprivation of. An explicit prohibition of discrimination on grounds of sexual identity in the Basic Law also unfold by radiation effect on the General clauses of civil law in many areas of law effect, the Legal justification. Ultimately, a recording was in the Basic Law for the clear
Confession that aspects of sexual identity unequal treatment under any Circumstances might justify. The former Constitutional Court Affirms offense to
"Indecency between men" gem. § 175 of the Penal Code, as amended by Law of 28 June 1935, initiated by the First Law on the reform of the criminal law of 25 June 1969 was lifted, had established the author that the general rule of equal treatment of Article 3 paragraph 1 GG not provide adequate protection of dissenting, in society prevailing sexual performances offer.

More about Trans-Girl-Aandrea

What kind people would you like to meet?
all who are hungry for sex - even amputees, for the hottest sex I had with amputated women and a one-leg-Transe
What are your hobbies?
Sex is my hobby - and here's my brief: In brief mà ¶ First, I thank chte fà ¼ r your questions sincerely.The ID is not ready and can be stà ¤ ndig extended.So please trust you, and send me some more questions.Thanks Andrea Kiss And anyone who wants me for sex parties â € "well happy times without pay.Otherwise, however, only as a TS prostitute.More at TS Escorts at www.transsexual.beep.de 1.Your Grà ¶ ße? I'm 1,82 m large (without heels) 2.Your weight? Actually, you do not even ask the woman, but I have no taboos.Currently, I weigh 79 kg 3.Your Bra-Grà ¶ ße? Fà ¤ llt yes always a little different from> 85 B 4.Your hair color? Blonde, brown, smooth or GESTRA ¤ hnt, curly or red smooth 5.Your eye color? blue 6.Your face? Currently, with a beard, but happy with horny leather mask and above hairstyles 7.Your clothing style? Which is very different.I try nata ¼ rlich occupationally alone, I usually dress very sexy and provocative to.But I also like sometimes elegant or sporty.8.Also fà ¼ r different Anlà ¤ sse? Yes, as I said.I have the clothes fit the occasion accordingly.9.Have you ever seen a 3 Series had with a female / male couple? Yes, that is even more often on front.Especially with my 10 swinger parties.Everything you not sexual in polls? Illegal.Everything that has to do with severe pain or injury (ie, no fisting).Everything that has to do with ****.Sex with someone who pays no attention to hygiene.11.Do you like couples? Yes, why not 12.Are you dominant or submissive? Both.I love both roles.However, may prefer the dominate role.If anything, it will not change 13.Are you actively anal? Yes nata ¼ rlich also, although it would rather get 14.Do you like light bondage? Yes, please.As long as it does not hurt, it may not go far enough.15.What is your real name? Hans, but quickly forget the 16.Have you ever had NS passive? Yes, I have regular service of ßig.17.Swallow If yes, with? Nata ¼ rlich also.Wà ¼ rde eh hardly be avoided even in my profession.18.Have you ever had CT passive? Yes.Once and never again.I have tried to make my thoughts.Has fà ¼ r me nothing to do with eroticism.Never again 19.Swallow If yes, with? In no case 20.Had to throw up even times when you blow? No 21.Would you ***** on? No â € "is nix fà ¼ r mich 22.Do you like anal fisting? No, not with me.In other already.First, it is too painful and it expands the rosette on a permanent basis, which does not even look like, and can not schà anfa ¶ n ¼ hlt.That is why fisting is a taboo for me.23.What's your clips, clamps, weights? Parentheses are ok.Clamps and weights to cause severe pain.24.Do you like wax on you? Also one must be careful here.It may be hot, but can also be painful.25.If so, where on rper Kà ¶? Then à ¼ berall 26.When was your first time? With a woman with 14.With a man with 15 27.How many sexual partners you had? I can no longer determine.I think of the 500 kà ¶ I come nnte.28.Of this male? Ca.70% 29.Which female? Ca.30% 30.You swallow sperm? Yes.I love the taste and the smell of semen.There are only a few exceptions (if the man has eaten what wrong), if not it tastes.31.Can you inject it in the ass? Yes nata ¼ rlich.Where do you want.32.Did you have sex fà ¼ r money? Almost each trading day ;-) Yes 33.Have you ever been naked in public is Ã? That was probably everyone already.34.Là ¤ sst du dich photographed or filmed naked? Rlich nata ¼ Yes, but only with written consent, it will not be passed.Had here already so few lawsuits.35.Là ¤ sst du film or photograph yourself having sex? Same response as at 34.36.If so, you can see the material? No.Only the one who made himself fà ¼ r ¼ r and Dafa has paid.37.Are you about to latex? Can be hot.Yes.But it can also be uncomfortable.For example, the taste.38.Do you like SM? Only slight SM, if I have the submissive role, I am not on pain.If I have the dominant role, I like to go even further and times.39.What about love for *******? Only rarely.Not necessarily happy.40.Gangbang? Yes 41.On what do you first think of when you think about sex? Difficult question to answer because it is probably very tagesabhà ¤ ngig.Currently on a dick.42.Your bra and your Maay interested in? BH-Grà ¶ ße is in paragraph 3.My Kleidergrà ¶ ße is 40.Nata ¼ may also vary rlich something grà ¶ smaller than or.Shoe and Strumpfgrà ¶ ße is 43.42.Even from your tail? Stiff 17cm / 4.5 cm diameter 43.In addition, if you like suspenders and heels trà ¤ gst? Both are very happy.I almost always wear heels, because they are sexy.Suspenders nata ¼ rlich then tend to have sex.Here, however, very much.44.Your nick what to say? I thought that really should be clear.I am a woman with a tail.So TranseAndrea.And my age is crisp 53.45.Do you like sex in the water or even.under water? Nata ¼ rlich also.In the shower and the tub is very eh geil.In the summer of nata ¼ rlich also like the lake or sea.The water is a must-Lubes.46.Do you do well mutual Franzà ¶ sisch to completion? You mean 69.Nata ¼ very much like this too rlich.Although I'd rather be blown into a bubble.If he stands out, is it doable.I like 69, but rather so that I blow him, and he licks me (so my rosette).47.Are you rper shaved all over Kà ¶? This is different.48.Do you have a deep throat? Here, I can proudly say yes.Have the long trains and can accommodate up to almost any attack.This is also very popular.49.So I wà ¼ rde example, if you are interested imagine kà ¶ nntest a man as your Persà ¶ nliche keep slaves? Yes 50.What is your name as a slave? Since I am not a slave, I do not have such a name.Otherwise, you can call me what you will.Dirty Talk is very important to me during sex.51.What is your e-mail address? dag-ms @ freenet.de 52.Do you have ********? Yes 53.Do you have a steady partner? Yes 54.Do you have piercing or Tattoo? No 55.Do you gag? Oh yeah.Even very happy.Especially in the Doggy position, it increases enormously the pleasure 56.Do you make masturbation? Probably everyone does.For Glà ¼ ck, I'm rarely instructed to.57.Also you are having sex with women? I stand views on women and Mà ¤ nner.Kà ¶ But unfortunately, many women can not do anything with transsexuals 58.What do you hà ¤ LTST it, aufgehà the arms or legs ¤ ngt to be? May be good if it's not too abbindet 59.Do you like to combine the eyes? Nata ¼ rlich.The schà ¤ rft the other senses and is therefore more often on very libido-60.Do you like it too, be insulted? During sex, this can be very horny.Dirty Talk can make extremely horny, because sex is now very strongly held once in the head.61.How do you like to ***** a pet role? That probably depends on the role.A sloth is probably nothing more.But nata ¼ rlich is a nice change ****** roles to play.62.How do you like to get one's desk? Not so nice.I'll also do it only if I trust the man very much, because you can not do too much wrong.If it is done well, it's OK.This is Gefà ¼ hl fà ¼ r not my libido.63.Là ¤ sst du you make Redeeming ¤ ufe? I'll do regular service of ßig.It geha ¶ rt fà ¼ r mich hygiene to the fact that I do an enema before sex or to leave.And if it is built into sex play with, this can also be quite horny.64.Do you like watching it for others while having sex? Nata ¼ rlich.Who could not? Can proudly say one large wav porn video and â € "to have the image collection.65.Fuck your thing? Oh yeah.Each variant.From bottom to top, so that the cargo gets her face, but also happy from top to bottom, so you can lick it while the eggs and the ass.Titty geha ¶ rt in any case to.66.Facesitting Topic: Have something dara ¼ ber read.As \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ 's so some variations are so.How far you go here? Only slightly, so you you n your asshole heißes schà ¶ horny lick can make? Or do you go next? Both being licked as well as easy to sit on too tightly and press draufdrà ¼.Anyway one can not be separated, if one is.67.Do you do Facesitting actively or passively? Both are very happy.You can not even tell what it prefers 68.Topic Kà ¶ rperbesamung: Là ¤ sst You only spray you full or gà ¶ nnst you do your Gegenà ¼ ber also your heißen juice? Both, but I like it I'd rather have myself to 69.Which rperteile Kà ¶ là ¤ sst you inject you prefer? Ass and face 70.Where splashes you prefer to go? On his stomach and face 71.Topic Arschlecken: In which position you là ¤ sst lick you prefer your Arschfotze? Since I love this weird, really everyone is in position, the anatomically mà ¶ glich.Of these, eh, I can never get enough.72.Là ¤ sst You lick you or makes you horny too, to lick himself? It makes me nata ¼ rlich also licking horny itself â € "if he is clean.And that is, without exception, every guy.The enclosure ¶ rt almost always to.73.What is your fetish? Good question, I may not answer at all.I see many things as normal, which are often already designated as a fetish.74.Wà ¼ rdest times you run through a triple with two nnern Mà ¤? I have already and I will make again, but I must hierfà ¼ r both already well-acquainted.75.Cock Topic: What should a tail fà ¼ r you have? Must be groß he? He must be fattening? Or do you live by the motto: whatever cock in the ass thing? So I am not an intended berhaupt à ¼ Grà ¶ ße or thickness fixed.He was to persistently above all, be varied and its owner.I can say nata ¼ rlich but also that Grà ¶ ße and thickness no role to play because they are too small or dà ¼ nne Schwà Cocks this can fà ¼ hren kà ¶ that one little spà ¼ rt and too large and too thick to hurt kà ¶ can.But until now I had a few problems with it.He mà ¼ sste already far up in the bottom depart, lest he gefà ¤ llt.76.Theme Doggy Style: This position is your favorite position? What positions make you horny? Doggy, I'm incredibly happy.But I can not say that it is my favorite position.Generally, I can not answer the question about my favorite position, because this variable is rlich nata ¼.What we had not long, may be more, etc..But Doggy is at the top with this.78.Fingering topic: Where You là ¤ sst fingering you prefer? Nata ¼ rlich in the ass! Then on the tail and the tits.There are many species of these interesting sex toys.What did you like best? Analkugeln 79.What do you like sex toys dildos außen yet? I wà ¼ sste none of what I do not like.80.You manage to accommodate two Schwà ¤ nze in your ass? Wà ¼ rde I do it, but I do not do it because it auslabbert the rosette, which is no longer berhaupt geil à ¼ wà ¤ re.81.Topic petting, Kà ¼ ssen, snogging: Who is the subject? That is not reserved.It geha ¶ rt fà ¼ r to me quite clear to every sex and can not be separated, even though I work as a prostitute.82.Of leather, latex, Reizwà ¤ sche, corsets: which clothes make you horny? Everything that makes sexy.This can create almost any type of fabric.There has to fit.83.Topic Roleplay: What is your favorite role? What role does your partner? Again, there are no favorite role, because Variety is important, otherwise it is boring.84.Theme Eggs (licking) oh how horny licking: licking or leave? Nata ¼ rlich both.85.TS have liked to push their eggs high in the groin.You too? Yes, love to, but it is gefà ¤ hrlich if one has such thick egg, as I.Several years ago, has left after a mad orgasm with me then remained stuck above.This refined property nds and had to be surgically removed.Since I only had one egg, I am, however, become more horny.86.In side you and your cock times gone? Yes.This is called Tucking, and is very horny.With adhesive tape and Schwaz eggs are pushed inwards.There is only one kitzlergroßer stumps visible, with which you can Pee â € "but only when sitting.The rest of the inside is a wonderful Venushà ¼ gel.The whole thing is a prerequisite fà ¼ r close and tight Bikinihà ¶ schen.Give it a time well.87.Then you are so hampered with an egg in a sense? Yes, but there are many of my friends also.And they are all good in bed.Especially amputees are very Insert hlsam.You want to know more? Then just here with your questions!.
Have you ever met someone in person that you got to know online?
yes - again and again and be happy!
A Party is not a Party without....
If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
1. I mà ¶ grà ¶ chte Ayere Brà ¼ ste have 2nd Length as a horny girlfriend Anna 3rd More time fà ¼ r my hobby - because I nnte kà ¶ à ¶ fter each trading day!
What are the three most important things in your life?
Sex Sex Sex
If you were stranded on an island what would you want to take with you?
my horny girlfriend Duration
How often do you visit the site?
each trading day
Where is your favorite place to have sex?
see in Hobbies
Your favorite sexual position?
see in Hobbies
What was your most extraordinary sexual experience?
my first time as TS-whore
What sex toys do you like?
Clamps, wax, dildo, needles, handcuffs, ropes
What is your favorite sex toy?
see in Hobbies
What turns you on the most on a man?
if he is a slave
Do you have a really hot sexual fantasy that you like to experience in real life?
see in Hobbies
What type of man do you like?
How often do you need sex?
3 x each trading day
Is penis size important to you?
see in Hobbies
Do you have a fetish?