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    Our First Meeting

       You knock on the door, excited for our first date. I answer wearing a sexy red and black corset, a black thong, a choker and red stilettos. I welcome you in and lead you to the bedroom, smiling over my shoulder, but you're impatient and need to have me. You gently push me against the wall and kiss my neck, making me gasp with delight as your thumb grazes my nipple. I rub my hand against your crotch and feel you get even harder, then rush you to my bed.

       Tearing off your shirt and unzipping your pants, I get on my knees and suck your cock into my mouth. You groan and grab a fistful of my hair, pre-cumming in my warm, wet mouth. I suck your cock until you're ramrod hard, rubbing my clit in excitement. Too horny to wait any longer, I push you onto the bed and mount your cock, nearly screaming as your length fills me up. I ride you hard, moaning with every thrust, but you need more control.

       You roll over so that I'm on my back and you pound into me, making me scream and clutch the sheets. My pussy gets tighter and wetter for you as you fuck me harder and harder, needing to cum. I feel the pressure start to build and finally explode with pleasure, screaming in delight as I cum hard, shouting your name. The clenching of my pussy drives you over the edge too, and you pull out so you can watch your cum pump onto my stomach. As you finally finish, I shoot you a sexy grin and dip my finger into the hot fluid on my stomach and give it a taste, winking. You feel yourself start to get hard again.


    It's going to be a long, hot night...



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    • marcrainbow

      Dec 21, 2018, 5:39:46 PM

      exactly in this way... should be a pleasure ...imagine, how it ist - bringing you higher and higher - making you screaming and that you explode
      ---stimulating fantasy - thank you - I'm curious for your next one :-)