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Female Domination

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Part 2 of 5 to finally be able to live in freedom. Now that you've made it through Part 1, you've finally managed to leave all the self-pity behind. You did it and rediscovered your true love (tails). But now you feel hatred rising in you. Hatred of me the goddess who just wanted to lead you on the right path, hatred for yourself that you could not resist this seduction and hatred for the world people like you in your opinion still not fully accepted. But in order to gain true freedom for your life, you must now through all these feelings. Just one more step after you feel better again. I want you to omit all your hatred today on your cock. Jerk hard and without mercy. Cum for your true love, cum for your freedom. Yes little let it all out, all hate. You'll feel better, just like last time after following my easy tutorial. All this pared with the hottest gay Dirty Talk.

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