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Female Domination

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For a " small private meeting " with a new slave my inquisitive friend filmed secretly in the background with her cell phone a part of the humiliation . Only 450 € in the mouth allowed the Cashpig crawl through the door to the studio , greeted by kicked in the balls . A part of his clothing he retired voluntarily , the rest I cut with scissors and urinated on the clothes pile . Naked and tied , he had to run to the car , got a straitjacket tightened , so that he makes no attempt to escape before his tour ends in my trunk . Then took my girlfriend on how he was fixed on me a pile in the middle of the dark forest with gaffer tape and left behind , until the remaining 50 € , " Get in the eggs 2 € " with " spitting € 1 " have been earned . Then I 'll take him and he will experience his " After Cum Torture " .

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