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That was very unpleasant for me! My neighbor an apartment below me has rung my bell and wanted to talk to me briefly! We sat down together on the couch and he complained to me .... about my sex sounds every night .. Oh dear, that was embarrassing! We have very thin walls here in the house and he always seems to hear everything because our rooms are among each other. My bed is also not very quiet because it squeaks totally! I still tried to justify but that did not work. Then he told me "We can clarify that about the landlord" ... Please do not! But I was red in the face, but I knew that to prevent! I made him an irresistible offer and he could not say no, hihi. I hope you liked the video :) Kussi Lina

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  • Rockzy72

    Jun 9, 2019, 1:49:50 AM

    ich würd dich auch gern war das geil. 10 punkte

  • juso74

    Feb 8, 2019, 8:21:04 PM

    solche nachbarn brauch man auch mal hin und wieder kannst ihm ja noch vorschlagen das er wenn er mal wieder dicke eier hat nochmal zu dir kommen kann

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