About me

Hey, I'm Lina and I just took all my courage and created a profile here. That cost me a lot of overcoming, but I'll tell you more about that right now.

So I am 18 years old and live in Hamburg, but only recently. Currently I'm still in the middle of my apprenticeship as a restaurant specialist, which is really exhausting, but also really fun.

In the hospitality is friendliness the top priority, but I never really had a hard time, because I am by nature more of a helpful and sometimes too friendly person, so yes, quite a lot of times unfortunately something exploited. But you should always behave as you would like others to do.

When I'm not working, I like to meet my girlfriends, read or play PC. What are you doing in your free time? Maybe we'll play the same games😊.

Oh, how I came here and why it cost me so much courage to register here I wanted to tell you ... I'd better start from scratch. I have been educated very conservatively. Values and such were very important to us. My first friend I had only long after my girlfriends and that did not last long ... In addition, I am already pretty shy and especially with guys that I think it's just incredibly hard for me to bring out a word. That's why I still have some experience to gain, but that's for sure.

When I heard two guests talking about this at work, I think they did not notice me, I thought, it's worth a try! So, actually, I first became bright red, but after a few sleepless nights and long phone calls with my best friend, I'm now married. Maybe I'm not learning to be so shy anymore and to go out a little bit more. Sure, that's a very unusual way, but I must have tried everything. I just do not trust myself with a face yet, I'm not that far yet, but I think that will happen even if I have settled in here. I'm really looking forward to meeting you 😊

Kisses Lina