About me

Hello, I recently discovered body jewelry. Meanwhile I have 14 hoops or ear stickers on my body. 4 in the earlobes, 1 in the nose, 1 each in the nipples, 1 in the navel, 4 in the scrotum and 2 on the penis. I have two tattoos for that. I'm about to make my first porn video, which I want to put online here in the next few days. Get in touch, maybe we can meet and experience a lot of great things together. I particularly like short, blonde hair, big breasts, intimate shaving and of course tattoos and piercings.

So you want to reject me? I'll show you what happens when you turn me away. If you are not shaved in the genital area, I'll shave you there first. Then I will pierce you. And on one eyebrow, the nose, the lip. Then on the nipples, the navel, the clitoris and the labia. And in each case three times on a labia. Let me get to your cunt, your tits, your ass and your asshole. With my big cock and my balls. I'm tall, I'm loud and struggling when you turn me away!

I am sometimes indecisive. I would not know if I want to fuck you first in the cunt, in the ass or in the mouth. Or between your big tits or your buttocks. Or you first rub my big fat cock. First of all, think. Well, I'll start with my ass ... 😄

For women: Do not bother with the charms! For men, competition must be cleared out of the way. My cock is longer than yours!