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  • Jul 31, 2018, 3:29:05 PM

    Two new videos will be released in the next few hours

    Just two new videos have been released by me.

    Shave, piss and put on the sack in the shower ...

    In the sack, with weights and tied sack waxed ...

    Rejoice in the first video on me in the shower while shaving and pissing, I'll just let it run. Then I put myself under the shower on the bag clamp.

    In the second video I'll do it myself. Not without I set my bag and tail still attached to the sack on the bigger weights and edit my cock with the massage stick.

    I wish you much fun already. I have already attached a small preview here as a picture ...

    A picture gallery "Stiff tail, shaved sack, tied, weights and KG ..." is also on the way ...

  • Jul 22, 2018, 9:24:15 PM

    New video "In the shower when masturbating ..." soon online.

    The little wanker slips into the shower and scratches himself, is not that just unheard of? He was ordered by his mistress to be horny all day long. But he has the strictest spray ban, so he has to cancel after a short time ....

    I look forward to your comments and comments.

  • Jul 22, 2018, 10:23:27 AM

    4 image galleries uploaded, will be released soon

    Have just uploaded 4 new picture galleries and submitted for review. Look forward to some of my intense passive time. It's everything from rigorous bondage, KG, staples weights to heavy rubber. Have fun watching, I look forward to your comments and reviews. I hope you like it ...