About me

Hi, I'm Fiona. I live in the beautiful Bad Arolsen in a shared flat because I can not afford my own flat yet. But I am in the last year of my training as a nurse, so long I will probably not have to share a bath with 3 (!) Boys ...

In my apartment I had the first time really "contact" with men ... In addition one must say that I come from a village with 200 inhabitants and there is simply everyone with each relatives, it drives twice a day a bus and that's the school bus, unfortunately it does not really make it to a bigger city ... At school I was unfortunately not the most open-minded and rather known as a nerd, but one can still write off homework 10 minutes before class. So I thought at the age of 17, that I must die as a virgin ... Fortunately, it did not happen that way.

When I stand in front of the mirror in the morning, I often still see the little, shy girl, who for years adored her crush, but of course has never addressed ... In between are now six years and I think in the beginning of 20 you should start to try sexually. As in school, I'm not a fan of half things! That's why I signed up here. If I reinvent myself and finally want to be an open-minded and extroverted woman, but then so that people see it ... Maybe not all of them, so my work colleagues are not going to hang around here, that would be a bit stupid hihi, but otherwise happy I come across anyone who visits me on my profile or in the cam.
I'm just so happy to be here!