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  • Sep 9, 2018, 12:43:26 AM

    Something personal ????

    ???????? Halli hello Anne here, ????????

    A little poetry slam text from me about porn and what I'm supposed to do here ...


    Every day people around me
    They like me as I am
    Little you are not stupid
    What you say makes sense
    I'm not crooked
    I am how I am
    Whether the video shoot
    Or when I stand in front of the camera

    You see what you see
    No professionalism
    I do not know if you understand?
    There is no compulsion here
    What you see
    And what happens
    Out of pure sexuality,
    Passion and above all pleasure
    Is the biggest must for me

    I hope you understand?
    No matter what other people say
    as far as you and me are concerned
    You can take this step

    Porn is not the same porn
    This is not just about O ***
    It's much more than just that
    And that's what I mean
    What we have in common?
    The one thing I share
    I can tell you

    But what interests?
    Ask yourself
    What interests?
    Have such
    People already together
    But sexuality
    Break lonely
    -Noise and free

    I'm telling you...
    Forget the prejudices
    And free
    From this point of view
    On pornography
    And never experience
    Well-known lust and passion
    That creates new worlds for you

    Your Anne Eden ????????


    Something personal ????