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  • Jul 9, 2018, 9:34:23 PM

    Jet lag ????

    ???????? Halli hello Anne here, ????????

    As you know, I was in London for the weekend ... I have experienced so much. I have explored everything worth seeing in London on foot and experienced a lot. ????

    To make this possible, we took the flight later in the evening and so I was home much later. After a few hours I had to go back to university. ????

    Unfortunately, this has really bothered me and therefore I would like to go to the action tomorrow. I would like to play you nothing in front of the action and I am honest.

    For that, I will come live again tomorrow evening. Until then I should be fit again ????????

    I apologize and wish you a pleasant evening.

    ????In love, your Anne ????

    Jet lag ????