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  • Jul 17, 2018, 6:17:03 PM

    Cam Special - Tomorrow (18.07)

    ???????? Halli hello Anne here, ????????

    I've come up with something special for tomorrow , on my live cam . I want to play with you. ????

    So that it does not get too boring, I will take off something for every lost round or even fulfill a small wish ????????

    ???? Do not worry, everything will be back to normal on Sunday ????

    ????In love, your Anne ????

  • Jul 9, 2018, 9:34:23 PM

    Jet lag ????

    ???????? Halli hello Anne here, ????????

    As you know, I was in London for the weekend ... I have experienced so much. I have explored everything worth seeing in London on foot and experienced a lot. ????

    To make this possible, we took the flight later in the evening and so I was home much later. After a few hours I had to go back to university. ????

    Unfortunately, this has really bothered me and therefore I would like to go to the action tomorrow. I would like to play you nothing in front of the action and I am honest.

    For that, I will come live again tomorrow evening. Until then I should be fit again ????????

    I apologize and wish you a pleasant evening.

    ????In love, your Anne ????

  • Jul 6, 2018, 1:56:20 PM

    Short trip London

    ???????? Halli hello Anne here, ????????

    For me it started this morning very early to my mom. Because together with her, my sister and my aunt we fly over the weekend to London. ????

    Unfortunately, I do not know yet if I can do it in front of the camera. I will try it, but I can not promise anything. ????

    I really want to apologize because I had to postpone my time for two weekends????

    ???? For that I will come back on Monday , in the evening , live before the action

    I wish you a nice weekend.

    ????In love, your Anne ????

    Short trip London Watch Video
  • Jun 29, 2018, 8:05:07 PM


    ???????? Halli hello Anne here, ????????

    My mom came to visit this weekend

    Since I have not told her anything about this and she stayed with me, unfortunately I can not go live on the scheduled cam times.

    I really want to apologize for that and hope you might understand me there, hihii

    From next week, I will go live again at the scheduled cam times. ????

    But I will also come next week Monday at 19.00 clock , as a small thank you for you, once again additionally live on the action .

    I wish you a wonderful weekend

    Enjoy the wonderful weather
    and I hope we see each other again soon

    ????In love, your Anne ????

  • Jun 24, 2018, 2:26:29 PM

    New cam times

    ???????? Halli hello Anne here, ????????

    I welcome you to another blog entry ????

    I have tried the last time to address my first cam times, unfortunately I have not always managed this. My studies take more time than expected and so my free time has suffered a bit the last few days ????.

    Therefore, I have now changed my times something, so I then reliably to the times mentioned
    can be online

    I wish you a wonderful day and I hope we see each other again soon

    ????In love, your Anne ????

    !! Cam times!

    ? Wednesday from 17.30
    Clock (2-3h)

    ? Friday from 18.30 (2-3h)

    ? Sunday from 20.30

    ???? If Germany game comes to me after the game online and also in other important games I try to pay attention
    to go online after or before the game.??

    I hope you can understand that me
    my times have changed something. I'm still new here and I'm still getting to know how I can best live my little dirty hobby and get along with university and leisure under one roof.


    ???? ????
    Many Thanks
    ???? ????