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  • Sep 20, 2018, 9:15:25 PM

    My erotic thoughts (more than just a massage)

    ???????? Halli hello Anne here, ????????

    Once again, I'm lying on the couch after university, something made me but dreams around. Long for passions and passions. My thoughts too ...

    More than just a massage

    The university was so exhausting today. I lie down on the couch and sink in thought. I look at the carpet in front of me, I remember ... a few days ago ... and my head cinema starts. Only you and me, we sit on the carpet and play the guitar together. There is music and a crackle in the air. We play the whole evening until late into the night. We feel it ... I come very slowly to you, put the guitars away and kiss you gently on the lips. We look each other in the eye and begin to fall passionately on each other. I kiss you all over, you stroke me and we strip each other. Each additional piece of clothing that falls on the floor brings us a few steps closer to the bed, until we finally lie down naked. I reach into the drawer next to me and pull out the massage oil. A smile for you and I let the oil drip on my hands. My fingers start to massage you from the shoulders over your back. It is so passionate and we can hardly keep our desire. You enjoy it and then turn to me. A few more drops of oil on your male and big hands. Then you touch my soft skin, so tender. You massaged my shoulders forward to my breasts that sink so beautifully soft in your hands. We feel and give each other. I massage your penis ... You slip into me and we turn night into day. You take me doggy while your hands massage my breasts first and then my buttocks. We could do this for hours, it feels so sensible and cool ... I push you down on the bed and ride you full of devotion. We feel it, the fireworks are kindled ... woaw ... my body trembles and shakes. Just unbelievable !

    We cuddle each other a little bit and yet full of satisfaction, we fall asleep together.

    Your Anne Eden ????????

  • Sep 18, 2018, 9:13:39 PM

    Something personal ????

    ???????? Halli hello Anne here, ????????

    A small blog entry in between ... ?????

    I wish you all a pleasant and nice week, enjoy again
    heat and last rays of the sun ???? and use these.

    The way I did that hihii.
    Not only did I lie in the sun and relaxed, no, I also made some great new pictures (or let hihii) ???? ... the madness!

    What do you say ? I look forward to your opinions ????. The other new pictures follow the days, you will not miss them, hihii.

    But how does a shoot actually go? Well, I do not know exactly ... But I can give you a little insight from my shoot. I usually meet with a good friend and something like a hobby photographer ???? then we look only on the Internet from a beautiful place, pack the camera, a few clothes and snacks & drinks and off you go. Something fool around * click * and manchnal also pose a little * click * ... and tadaaa! The pictures are made. ????

    that's it, jiabb, I have not got much more to say today, have fun ?????

    Your Anne Eden ????????

  • Sep 16, 2018, 5:06:38 PM

    An exciting week is coming to an end!

    ???????? Halli hello Anne here, ????????

    I hope you enjoyed my little car week as much as I did! ????

    It was all so exciting and exciting, I had so many new experiences ... the madness.

    From next week follow spontaneous and "normal" videos of me, we know her ???? hihii

    But if you feel like I often do such "topic weeks", then just write me ???? or tell me your opinion on this "Special Week" ... I'm curious what you have to say!

    Your Anne Eden ????????

  • Sep 13, 2018, 11:30:03 PM

    My erotic thoughts (Trip to Paradis)

    ???????? Halli hello Anne here, ????????

    again I lie, at night, awake in my bed and just can not fall asleep. But in my thoughts quite different things happen ...

    A trip to paradise

    We both lie together in the tall grass, next to us the flowers and some small animals, otherwise only you and me. A small jukebox plays our song. We wander in thought until the sun goes down. We both love the night and spontaneously we have the crazy idea to just drive away.

    So we get into the car, a short stop with me. We pack change clothes and a few necessary things. The engine is already on, you at the wheel of the car and I still standing with luggage in the front door. I smile at both bake, throw the suitcases backwards and jump into the car. We drive through the night, laughing, listening to music and driving each other crazy.

    Then we come to a larger forest along, we turn right into it. A long way it goes through the dark forest ... a bit gloomy until then the way is over.
    We get out of the bags and walk a bit
    along the smaller and more overgrown dirt road. After a few difficult passages we come to a clearing, illuminated by the moon.

    We lay down our blanket and can barely hold ourselves ...

    We kiss and stroke each other. I open your shirt very slowly and kiss your stomach. I take off your shirt and my hands slide to your belt, I open it and pull your pants down a bit. I kiss your thighs and run my lips up to your stomach, along the neck and reach your mouth. I gently push you to the floor and strip me for you. Your hands touch my body and you knead my warm, soft and tender breasts ... with such small stiff nipples, to bite. We take our hands to the right places and we can start ... I rub my body against you and I also feel your pleasure in my hand. Then I sat down very slowly and ride you so passionately and full of desire.

    We have so much fun, just you and me and the act of love in the moonlight. It is almost as far as I feel it and almost at the same time we both experience this infinitely horny and exciting feeling of orgasm, it is so beautiful ... ????

    Even after that, we can hardly leave each other and only the moon knows what else happened during the night.

    Your Anne Eden ????????

  • Sep 11, 2018, 6:04:31 PM

    * Special Week * (Outdoor)

    ???????? Halli hello Anne here, ????????

    I have something very special this week ???? you may be curious ... what is coming up there, this week.

    I have a car available the whole week and of course this has to be used directly ... hihii????

    I'm so excited, that's how long I imagine how it would be to be able to have sex in a car someday. (but some already know that ????) And now the time has come, I really have the chance to experience it. Oh God this will be madness ... ???????? I'm so excited!

    And with these words I greet you, very much to my own little * Special Week * . I would like to upload two videos this week, Wednesday and Sunday, on " Outdoor Sex in the Car " . ????????

    I would be very happy about your feedback and if you have any ideas or incentives for me, you are welcome to share them with me ???? I am always open to new ideas and try to discover and live more and more, step by step.

    In love

    Your Anne Eden ????????