About me

Hey, I'm Ella and 22 years old.
At the moment I live in Dusseldorf, my ******* home. By contrast, I spent my ********* and adolescence in a rural village in a small village. After school, I realized that I really wanted to work with ********. So I came to my current dream profession of educator, whom I love about everything.

In my spare time, I prefer to spend my time in the stable. Yes I am a little horse girl. If I'm not riding in the sunset, you can also meet me by bike. Either way, ******* and nature are a super important part of my life and provide a nice balance to my sometimes stressful everyday life.

When a friend of mydirtyhobby told me, I was sure that I could never do such a thing ... It must be said that I have very, very strict parents, who used to be dealing with boys until a year ago have moved home, strictly forbidden ... You may now think that I have not really experienced much of what belongs to growing up. In fact, I did not have my first real friend until I moved out and finally lived in my own home. But that is over and I'm not sure if I want a relationship in the near future. I have the feeling that I have missed so much and I just want to live and discover myself and that's where I came back to the story of my girlfriend. I'm still very new here and still do not know how everything works so well here, but I'm looking forward to what awaits me. Since I am still pretty shy, you will find me only once in the cam, where I want you to share, as I rediscover myself and my body.

I am also looking forward to seeing you!

Your Ella kuss