About me

Natural sex and sparkling lust in everyday life, intimate and passionate, that's me!

My name is Felice, I am 33 years young and since my 16 year I am always looking for the special kick & fuck. With my husband, who has given me space and time for many erotic experiences for years, I discovered my passion for amateur porn a year ago. And since then we are on the road with the camera and turn dirty toys, which are 100 percent "homemade". In doing so, I enjoy living out my dirty and intimate moments with countless men and therefore call myself Felice-Intim. Sometimes with style and sometimes I let me fuck off strangers, always in front of the camera.

I also like sex outdoors, in the woods, at the lake or in a park ... and that was and still is part of my private life today. I often stroll through erotic shops, looking for hot outfits. And when a stranger man gets in my way, I like to fuck off quickly or suck his sperm out of him. And if the camera or cell phone is with you, so much the better.

And in parallel, I am a normal young woman and enjoy a normal life with family, friends & Co. Times in the cinema or walk, sometimes sports or just a book. Yes, I live in two worlds and I love it.

Sex movies my passion

In my amateur porn by Felice intimate it's about pure lust, nothing presented and without a script I give myself to the men. Sometimes in a gangbang or even a single date, where it just crackles with intimacy. Whether pee or deep throat, squirting or cum games ... I love to be desirous to let me submissive to the desire to play with the horniness of men.

Well maybe you are there ... with me in front of the camera? Mask, whether the discretion set and already we give ourselves to the desire. Or just write me. But please be patient, I'm NEW here ...

Kussi from Berlin, your Felice intimate.