About me


Finally you have found the way to my profile ☺️
But was synonymous time .... * almost cries for punishment *

To my person is said:

Shopperholic is my middle name and princess his program.
I like to get what I want and when I want it
And the thought of making you horny with my attitudes turns me on in turn ****** in you this desire to trigger something unattainable ...

But I also have a soft heart and respectful clear exchange, I like to meet you also a few nasty wishes and offer you a piece of heaven to acquire that you can enjoy at home for you while you think of me 😘

You can talk to me about everything ... what and if it will be implemented then we will see ...

Of course, as a princess, I also enjoyed education ...
I am discreet and respectful and if you are not completely uncreative and clumsy therefore always nice 😅

But it can also get annoying and punish if misbehaved 😉

I am looking forward to getting to know you

Sinderella Rockafella 💋