About me

I am what I am, and so damn happy, so my life, my rules, turn around and fu*k you, unless you are serious !!! I'm transs*xual: From woman to man. So I was a woman, physical, and now I am a man, physical and mental! And I also look very masculine! ️! ️ ---- I'm not a TRANNY ---- not a woman who has cock, balls and boobs .----- I'm not feminine either-- I'm a man! ️! ️ Have a mustache and at the time also beard .... a very little chest hair. I just do not have a penis and no eggs; (DESPITE A MAN) My vagina is sewn, and therefore you can not fu*k her .... !!!!! Logically or ??? But still have my clit, (although it has grown quite a bit but some like that so yes), of course, I still get an orgasm! Otherwise, I'm a normal guy, not an alien ...... Of course I have photos, but there are ONLY as an exchange and sympathy !!!!!! So .... Hi, have pictures .... Can you save yourself! ️ So now it's up to you, whether you want me to write or tapps, I answer everyone, even Faker !!!! Oh yes .... What I like and not !!!! I'm always a bit nervous at the meeting and also shy, I like: s*x also outdoor ...... in the swimming pool or otherwise - unusual places, ask !!! s*x Cinema .... Watching p*rn before s*x ..... Live at the cam to play with where others watch ..... Role-playing games, where you seduce me to s*x, shackles u blindfold during s*x, but only at Trust. I like to bubble when the tail is showered free and fresh from my hair opposite. What should be the rest of the guy;) (fresh showered above all! s*x with 2,3,4 men, wants to watch how the guys edit and then join in, etc. etc. etc. .... What absolutely is not: fu*king WITHOUT gum Old grubby sacks !!! Bears types Fat men or burly stinking men bored during s*x ...... Dumb s*x .... Iiiiiiiii bubbles to the end, I hate cum eels where Why !!!!!!!! Always get choke charm who I see it or feel like he squirts! I like absolutely nothing that comes from the body !!!! A problem with it, then leave me alone! Otherwise until the same !!!! 😘