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  • Jun 20, 2019, 8:47:34 PM

    New MESSY PLAY clip!

    Oh yeah! I've been there a bit rumgesaut;)

    #messyplay #mess #wetandmessy

  • Jun 1, 2019, 5:35:09 PM

    Soon there will be new wet clips!

    Today I've organized a little sour and soon there are the clips!
    Who is in the mood tonight for another sour drink tonight?
    Come over then :)

  • Mar 26, 2019, 1:56:38 PM

    Soon there will be a new clip!

    And if you want to be part of the creation live, you just look in my cam over!
    This clip is as I used to be aesthetic rather than cheap, because I think MDH has a great need :)

  • Mar 15, 2019, 6:28:49 PM

    Same with Kitty_Crow on the action!

    Once I have already shown you & today I have the honor to be back with the beautiful Kitty_Crow before the action.
    Shall we tie, play with braces and wax, show you our beautiful feet, or rather something different?
    Look over and let's have fun for three!

  • Mar 11, 2019, 1:02:01 PM

    a few true words ...

    "Secretly rubber off and in"
    "That went beyond my limits"

    and similar titles are used here to drive the sale; I realize that not really secretly the rubber will be deducted, but before an agreement has taken place BUT, must it really be?
    I hope every lady who's titled her videos is aware of what she's doing & supports.
    And I hope this is EVERYONE aware that "secretly make the rubber" or "go beyond the borders" is not consensual and therefore is NOT OK. On the contrary, going beyond borders is mistreatment!
    We can have hot, dirty sex - we can play with power & humiliation and yes, we can also explore limits! As a sender here, I have the feeling not only of owe my wallet, but also of humanity. As an experienced BDSMlerin I know how important agreements and the observance of borders are - without borders is not played with us! Exactly - played - we want to have fun or not?
    Dear men, most women here are sluts & by no means mean. If you ask us, we'll probably give you approval for just about everything. So how is it that "border crossings" are used as advertising here? What's great about doing something to someone he does not want?

    I believe that sex is something beautiful, something magical and I believe we should not forget only because of our account balance that we (as a broadcaster) here have a great influence on the understanding of sexuality.
    So where does it come from that 2019 people are still walking around this planet who do not understand that "no" really means no?
    Sadly I have to say it comes from here: The girls here are only horny on money, whether they make it so that men think "limits are not so important" does not matter and I find that really sad, frightening and disrespectful of all other women in this world.
    Borders are great, boundaries are important and make it possible to have really good sex. Without borders we are not safe and without security one does not fall.
    And honestly? What's the secret of pulling off the condom, if you are allowed to go to the doctor first because of venereal diseases? It certainly does not make fun anymore.