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  • Feb 22, 2017, 11:48:17 AM


    Hi Guys,

    I (Holger) was now 5 weeks in the hospital.

    I was cared for by a nurse, whom we knew from the swingers club. When she first saw me, she was terrified and had a blushing red head. When we were alone, I told her that I would not say anything. Her relief was noticeable and she was not so cramped anymore. Since I was not allowed to get up, I had to be washed in bed. At the beginning I needed help and she also washed my cock. And always with her he would be hard, not with the others. When we were alone in the room, she had told me that she always ****** with her boyfriend in the club. She has never met anyone else, her boyfriend either. I told her that's a pity. She has a hot body and always goes off. I asked her if my stiff cock is not embarrassing. She said many men get a stiff while washing. Most people are embarrassed. I'm not embarrassed, and if she wants, she can wash it to the end. She just grinned and then left. When she returned to work with me a week later it was different than usual. She washed my cock harder and longer. I would always horny and moaned a little. She kept going and I could not help but reach her breasts. Although he was covered by the nurse smock, I could still feel her hard nipples. I asked her if it was not dangerous, she meant nobody came. And then she blew me one. I had not had it for 5 weeks and then came much too fast. She swallowed all my juice and licked it clean. I asked her why now and she said she always wanted to have another dick and she's looking forward to meeting in the club. Unfortunately, this was the only time, as the room was always occupied with another patient. Moni thought it was great and it was a pity that I did not take any pictures or a video. I did not think about that at the moment. In hindsight I thought it was great to meet this coincidence someone from the club as a nurse in the hospital. Now all I have to do is get well so that I can go to the club.

  • Apr 12, 2016, 2:55:44 PM

    We are active again

    Hi Guys,

    After a long time we are active again in the swinger sector.

    Last weekend we were on the highway in the evening and had to stop in a parking lot. Since no toilet was available we are in the bushes. When we were done we heard voices and went there. Since a couple was just active. Since my wife did not want to have sex anymore with others lately, i thought she wants to leave immediately. That was not so. She looked at me and nodded. She immediately took the other's cock in her mouth and blew it. And then we went off. Moni undressed and stuck his cock in her pussy. Since the whole thing went a while and I was busy with the other woman, we did not realize that some men were there and got down a. When the first man was finished came the next, etc. I do not know how many there were. Only the body was full of sperm. She liked that so much that we do it more often now.

    Greeting Moni + Holger