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Deep Throat

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because I get tuition from my professor and I'm back too late ... I forgot my homework too .. Crap! .. And then my condom still fall out of my pocket .. how embarrassing .. My professor is very angry me .. now I have a guilty conscience and try to calm him .... I've got an idea how I can relax him again ... open pants and ... ... because he suddenly grabs me to my Pigtails and presses his cock in my throat .. fucks my mouth until my tears come and my makeup runs .. very red in the face of the bongs, he pushes me on the table and fucks me through .. Finally, I kneel in front of him and he tips me directly into my fucked face .... if I had known that it would have such consequences ... my ass is still red from his hard hand..that should be a lesson .. #spanking # punish #college

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