About me

I am your superior, and your purpose as a slave is to serve and worship the ground I walk on.
Real Divine Arabic middle eastern background from lebanon and egypt religous family ,am a Goddess .Prophetess .Succubus .Priestess. Born to be worshipped . The one and only real Arabic Goddess Lady who in her early 30 s tall 175 cm  and nice hot shape 70 kg i dress size medium  bra 38 D. Beautiful attractive face nice red hair with mysterious eyes cherry lips  & strong dominant sultry voice. I got over 10 y experience in BDSM as D/s life style & pro Dominatrix & Manipulatrix. I can speak Arabic English French FLUENTLY . Bisexual Sapio-sexual I enjoy the spice that my power over men brings joyful to my life. My devious dirty mind manipulating men with my beauty & intelligence . My dear slaves the collar leash are just toys, the real one will be placed on your obedient servile minds. My dominant sultry voice will make you tremble in fear & ecstasy to worship me . My exotic accent from my sexy lips with its unique allure will work its magic and take you to deep levels of submission you never knew existed. I love draining men of their willpower, of their egos, of their sexual energy and of their money. Submit to me and enjoy the various fetishes that I allow you to explore under my control like financial domination money slave, pay-pig , money-pig , wallet-slave ,blasphemy,cuckolding, feminization ,sissy training,pony game,for.. bi,strap-on,spanking,paddle,whipping,slapping,spitting,hair pulling,mind control, milking, use and abu$e, money draining, tease and denial,cei & joi ,$ph,and the list goes on... You are in no way good enough to be anything else other than my foot/panties/sock/boot sniffer wallet/worker bitch/butler/paypig

More about ArabianGod

What kind people would you like to meet?
slaves who love blasphemy kafara , submissive and obedient guys ,sissy gay cross-dresser foot fetish lovers bdsm ,s&m lovers -no dick heads no bossy guys the boss or your Goddess
What are your hobbies?
cocking dancing dominating
What kind of music do you like?
Rap hiphop rnb pop
What sex toys do you like?
strap-on dildos - vibrators - collar -leash -whip -flogger -paddle -hand ankle cuffs
How often do you need sex?
Is breast size important to you?
Is penis size important to you?
Do you have a fetish?
Blasphemy foot fetish bdsm Goddess