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Role play

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The choker came in the mail. I read the accompanying letter. I followed the instructions and made the choker around my neck and the game could begin. Somewhere out there, this is a person who controls my collar. Barely changed, it narrowed rapidly and I can barely breathe !! Then it gets loose again and I take a deep breath. But the break was short and the game continued. The choker and I became ever wetter and tighter. This feeling that the air is gone, that another person has everything in hand. Made me wet and horny. I started to play my pussy while my collar pinched my air. It gave me that special kick! The adrenaline in my body made me play hard with my pussy. The collar, sometimes so tight that I get panic !! But it's so cool that it's addictive! And just before I can not breathe, I get the orgasm of my life with the george kick! Thanks, to the person out there controlling my choker!

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