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  • Along the river.

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    Along the river.

    In the summer I stayed with relatives in the village. The guy who lives next door invited me to go to the river. He knew me from an early age and was much older. We talked about life. He told me that he fucked my ex-girlfriend until she got married and moved. I said that everyone in the city has only thoughts about sex, but I want a relationship. Suddenly he confessed to me that he had fallen in love with my ass for a long time, and he would like to fuck me there. This confession confused me. He said that he often looked at me when I was a teenager, and imagined how he would do it. I was not ready for this turn of events. During the day, many people and fishermen go to the river. I did not think to agree! Suddenly, my interlocutor got up, took out a penis and began to masturbate, looked into my eyes. I blushed, his cock was completely shaved. I wanted to feel it in me. I was ashamed that we would do this without preparation and without a condom. He consoled me in every way and said that no one would know about it. The last argument was convincing, and his cock began to penetrate my ass. I was afraid that he had a big penis for anal sex and not in vain. He just fucked me in the ass. A small anal plow, which I tried before I fuck, is not enough. We did not have much time. In the end, I felt a little pain, but I did not stop until the flow of sperm splashed on me. After this walk my ass hurts. I should not have agreed!


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