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  • Jan 11, 2018, 9:28:25 PM

    A little about me!

    Hey everyone!  I am new to the site, not this world...  zwinker


    I am excited to be here for your time of need.  Hehehe.  So; I am not a newbie I have tons of content.  All sorts of fetishes from solo vanilla masturbation, stripteases, big boob fetish videos and over to the hardcore world 🌎 as well.  Where I can be so many things; dominant, submissive, both. Because I am a switch.  A little bit of it all.  Every day is a new adventure and days come with  new experiences.   

    I am very creative.   I love making jewelry, art, and so much more.  DIY, resourcefulness and sustainability are things I value on being knowledgeable about.

    I am a single mother, yes I am a MIlF wixen

    And ohhhh how I love to play and have fun!  I am a naughty, naughty lady and I am here to be your new friend, and make your fantasies reality.   

    Message me :) 


    A little about me!