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Foot Fetish

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Today is the day I promised to let you out of your cock cage, but there's been a little snag with that. You see, when I told Alexander that I have to let you out, he didn't see it the way I do. I mean, you are my husband and I love you, but Alexander didn't accept that as a reason to stop fucking me. I tried to reason with him, but he just wouldn't accept it. We argued, actually, and you know how an argument can get quite heated. One thing led to another and without any warning, he bent me over my desk, pulled down my panties -- these, actually -- and pushed his huge cock inside my pussy. I know that's against the rules, but he was fucking me before I had a chance to remind him that you have to be present when he and I fuck. And, while he had his cock inside me, he stole the key to the lock on your cage, so you won't be getting out tonight after all. Perhaps you should try to get it from him. Oh, what am I thinking? You're far too spineless to do that! I guess you'll just have to remain locked in your cage. I'll try to get him to use a condom next time so I can bring home your dinner. Oh, well... time for you to turn around so I can get undressed and ready for bed. #cuckold #cucki

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