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Female Domination
Role play

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It's time to set things straight. You just don't cut it in the bedroom. Whether it's due to your lack of experience, or most likely, your small cock, I've decided that we can stay married but see other people. And by "we," I mean "me." Maybe someday I'll let you see other people, but only if I approve first. Maybe you can see the same ones I'm seeing. Like Alex, who I'm seeing tonight. Alex is a very handsome man with a huge cock. He'll probably split me open when we fuck, and he's already told me he's going to cum inside my pussy. So when I come home and get into bed with you, don't even think about touching me. But tomorrow, when you're doing the laundry, you'll get to wash my cum-soaked silk panties... by hand. Sounds fair, doesn't it? You get to have your trophy wife and be seen taking me shopping, and I get to be kept happy by fucking other men. Happy wife, happy life.

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