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  • May 28, 2018, 3:00:02 PM

    Your opinion - my hair color

    Hello my dears,

    as one or the other may have already seen on my page,
    I've changed my hair color more often lately.
    Currently I'm blond again.

    But your opinion would also be important to me.

    Just let me know which color you like better, because I'm totally undecided ...
    I would be glad.

    Your Blond_Bad

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  • May 27, 2018, 7:59:48 PM

    The beginning ;)

    Hello my dears,

    hmm ... I do not know how to start exactly, well, I'll just try it ...

    Well, I have had my profile for some time now but have done very little
    was synonymous with private changes, but now that the weather is getting better and thus the LUST again increases more, I try to make more "party" on my side.

    I am always very happy about every Nachicht of you and if I can sweeten your time with a few nice conversations or pictures, I like doing that :) or try it;)

    As the whole thing is still a little new territory for me, I hope you have a bit of understanding if I do not get away with everything right now, with time it will certainly be better: D

    So, I'm glad to read from you

    Kisses, your Blond_Bad kuss

    #NeuAnfang # derersteschrittkostetüberwindung #Vorfreude #geilemomente