About me

,The year was 1989 and I was a geeky shy 18 year old living at my parents home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was my first year of college- my major was broadcast journalism- and I was just coming out of the closet and exploring my sexuality. I always loved taking photos and making movies- we used Super 8 film in the 1980s. We were the first on the block to get a video camera- a huge bulky unit that needed to be connected by cable to an even larger portable VHS videorecorder- and by the time I was in college I was blending my sexuality together with my passion for moviemaking. Roll back a few years...around 1986. I was 15, and my doctor- and parents- were concerned that I was still very short...a "late bloomer." So my parents brought me to an endocrinologist (hormone specialist MD) to get a full physical and investigate why I wasn’t growing as tall and fast as the others of my age. The doctor exam was tremendously embarrassing yet wildly erotic. The doctor, a middle-aged white man wearing a white lab coat, ordered me to strip down to just my white cotton briefs and stand against the wall. I trembled with nervousness and embarrassment as he proceeded to analyze and measure every inch of my pubescent body. He told me to lock my arms behind my head and checked my chest, nipples, and under my arms for any signs of hair (which didn’t develop until 16). As soon as he did this, I started getting a hardon. Then he told me to climb up and lay back on the the paper-covered exam table and "lift-up" as he lowered my briefs to my ankles. He inquired about my small patch of pubic hair, measured my testicles with an orchidometer, and manipulated my rock-hard 4-inch penis against a cotton tapemeasure. I laid there naked with a hardon for just about two minutes (what seemed like forever) as he and asked questions, made small-talk (no pun intended), and took notes (which I would love to have seen!). He then told me to get dressed and consulted with my parents, who declined to put me on a growth hormone. After this exam I went home and locked myself in my bedroom, masturbating wildly over this erotic experience of this man looking at and measuring my penis. I had to see him one more time, at 16, where he again measured my penis (now more developed) and commented about my short height and smaller size. By the time I was 18, I was well on my way to manhood…although still very short and young in my looks. Interested in photography, I decided to document my growth and development. I took our 35mm Minolta camera, loaded it with Kodak Ektachrome slide film, and stood against the wall in my bedroom- imagining the doctor was documenting me and my body- and proceeded to shoot ten photos with a self-timer, with me standing in various positions. I then developed the slide film myself, keeping it hidden from everyone (although it was good jerkoff material). In the late 1990s, I got a film/slide scanner, and digitized the film. With the same interest in documenting myself and smaller penis, I used our video camera to record me masturbating in all different positions and techniques, as well as inspecting and measuring my body, penis and testicles…fantasizing the doctor was making me do it and commenting about my size and body. In total I had 15 recordings spanning over four years (ages 18 to 22). I was very shy and nervous at the time and kept the tapes and photos hidden for years, although I jerked off a lot to them. This fetish still sticks with me, and I love chatting with other guys who have had similar experiences at the doctor or who enjoy the idea of getting measured or simply being watched while jerking off. Now, you can share in my personal pleasure. Have fun watching! I welcome your donations and gifts to offset the costs of new hardware I ll be buying for better photo and video capturing.