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  • Jan 12, 2019, 1:13:20 PM

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    DVD evening becomes a hot sex orgy! Double creampie! erstaunt

    My goodness me and my girlfriend had looked at a nice love movie! But the two horny guys really wanted to watch a porno movie. Since we both were already soaking wet and horny, we showed them what it's hornier than watching a porno movie. Namely make one yourself;). We did not care which cock fucks us, whether one or the other! The thought that we both still got a tail made the situation extremely tingling. That was probably the wildest orgy of my life. We fucked wildly and I was just not to slow down, it was a real Fickrausch for us all! And in the end it was nice the cum in the pussy purely! After that, the guys were also totally done with the world, that would have been the same with you, right? #gruppensex #vierer #creampie

  • Jan 9, 2019, 11:55:13 PM

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    Spinning makes the pussy wet! peinlich

    I was at home and wanted to do an awesome workout. So off to Spinningrad, but after a few seconds, the saddle pressed my Spinningrads closer to my pussy. With so much pressure, I just could not continue;). I already noticed how wet and horny my little pussy is! OMG made me horny again, so what do you think, how I got some relaxation? Look at it!

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  • Jan 7, 2019, 11:49:17 PM

    Info on the times in the next few weeks!

    Hey my sweetheart! : *

    Next week I'm going to start a bigger journey and as I have a lot to do before, I will not do any webcamampling this week. During my trip, I will always be live, but then spontaneously.

    best regards

    Your Emma!

  • Jan 5, 2019, 9:33:23 PM

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    Hey my handsome!

    You want distraction after the Christmas rush?

    On Sunday the 06.01. there are 50% on my clip " Lesbian power against the Halloween curse! Special with Bonni Ryder, Emma Secret & Vivian Schmitt! Part2 "!

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  • Jan 4, 2019, 8:39:57 PM

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    Why are you playing in underpants?

    The guy just wanted to play a nice round of gambling that evening. BUT NOT WITH ME!!! So nice a slutty fishnet tights and dressed in the room. At first everything seemed to be relaxed. But I immediately noticed his big bulge in his pants. Then he asks me simply: "Why do you have a fishnet tights on?" And cheeky as I am, came from me only: "Why are you playing in underpants?" And in his answer, I thought only, what's going on here? He said: "Blow me one!" And you know me, I can not say no for a long time. Without hesitation, I sucked his big cock. Then he was allowed to gamble me properly and the game is called: Dicker tail Vs. Maulfotze! Since I'm a little good girl, I'm of course nice spray in my mouth cunt and sucked his cock until the last drop clean. So you come to gamble?

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