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Tonight there should be delicious cucumber salad, because my neighbor gave me a few cucumbers. Already at the sight of the giant things I was very wet in the step, the cucumber salad was forgotten ... had only one more thought, a misappropriation of food, I was overcome by the desire to live my fetish for large objects! Grabbed me a natural dildo, disappeared in the bedroom and made me comfortable on the bed. Catch the cucumber slowly sink into the tight Hausfrauenmöse, after a while, the pleasure grotto is beautiful creamy and supple, but especially become even hotter. Already a hammer-feeling, if such a part in the tender pussy puts & thus fucks in different positions. Blow the cucumber deep in the pussy from the front, ram the cucumber from behind to the stop in the cunt ... my body quivered & shrank with excitement, huge pressure built up in me, a mega squirt orgasm did not last long wait & he did not want to stop. PS - For the small mistakes at the beginning I would like to apologize in advance. Have fun watching, cum & enjoy wet regards, Crazy-Carmen

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  • Hawaii75

    Jul 5, 2018, 12:19:31 AM

    Saugeil, da hast du es ja deiner Fotze richtig geil besorgt... zu gern hät ich deine Fotze danach noch geleckt, dabei hättest du mir gern nochmal ins Maul spritzen dürfen ????
    10 Punkte ????

  • mgmidget

    Jun 2, 2018, 7:18:19 PM

    Super mega geil wie du dich zum Abspritzen bringst - ein absolut grandioser Clip. Du bist so eine heisse Frau ! Das sollte 100 Punkte geben !

  • Thomili_Jones

    Jun 2, 2018, 7:13:13 PM

    Aller Beste Carmen, 10 Sterne für Deine Nimmer-Satte-Fotze, Du bist so Toll zum Genießen mit dieser Gurcke, 1000 Sterne für Dich, LG

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