Your unexperienced flower with hot dreams

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Your unexperienced flower with hot dreams

I've never heard that words before!!! It's unforgettable and bewitching... You've inspired me, thus I'm thinking about you every seconds of my life...

But... I'm only a sensual, romantic, **********... In it's turn You are so mature, sexy, experienced man, who know about love everything... Really! Everything of my dreams...everything of sexual pleasure...everything of intimate dreams... I have never had such a feeling! You are so precious to me, you make my life beautiful ... My desirable man, I'm craved for you...

(It's amazing !!!! My heart beats more and more... Wonderful feeling!!!) 

You're the best man that I've ever know! You're my dream! I want to meet with you as soon as possible, it's absolutely true! But I think we need to know each other better before"that happened"...) For me, it's a serious step in the relationship, but I believe... Believe in every words that I've heard from you!!! You're fantastic person!

I adore you... May be one day we will kiss each other, may be more, but that feelings I've never forgotten... Near or Far - I love you!

It's a good idea to see more photos, I want to see more photos of you too,  where we could open our sexual dreams more and more?) I really want it...)

I love you from the bottom of my heart! You mean so much to me...) You're my ideal man!

I want to kiss you, look into your eyes and get crazy of your sexual words, sexy body, experienced sex ideas...) You can’t deny what’s between us! You infatuated me... It's incredible!

Surprises? Gifts? I've never got it from another men... It's a new stage in my life... I don't know what to do and what to think?)

How long can it be? Is it normal, positive or is it a crazy love with so bad sexual ideas? Doesn't matter! I think you will do it perfect whatever it was...))) You make me burn with desire!

I've no words to describe it! My flower power is burnt... I need you...

My man... My dream... My love...

You're unexperienced green flower with sweetest dreams to your body,

Your VirginiaHot


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