About me

I really do not understand why most
Women always
and look skinny
But there is nothing better than a fat round ass and large breasts have
and so then the
Guy really horny
... make a real ass woman was shaking when the guy with his strong

vigorously draufhaut ... hihi:)

Mädls is at your curves and your cellulite
to your horny asses bounce !!!!:)))))

Am Polish and Austrian, as any true-believing all the annoying ...

that is already ...

Apparently half of all the guys should consume daily porn, you are really aware of how unhealthy it is for your psyche and one's own sex life?

Some of you
would break a porn do really well, so that you learn again what true passion, eroticism, sensuality means ... because that's the only real thing that counts
in life, love and passion ...

No harm was meant, just the truth:)

I do answer me when messages are really hard to not get mad ... so if I need longer time to reply ... it is sooo much !!!!!! If not, I should answer once then simply write again ... that happens sometimes that I have a heap allowed them to overlook or simply do not get answered!!

Ok, the tail of hundreds of photos she sends me are the only two not shaved.WHAT IS THE FACT, BE YOUR *********** OR WHAT ?????????????? Why is it that today almost every guy wants to look like a woman, make-up is probably too soon to...na servas...I hear from many sides that it would be more hygienic angäblich...Nonsense..would you pig you wash your hair every day would be on the bag does not stink !!!!!!!! Or is it perhaps because you think your cock would look bigger without hair...hehehe :)))))) Ich finds echt schade that men are more and more women look like.

A real man has hair on the sack, lives his life and craps out what others think of him!! and that turns me on ...

"The imagination of man is the best weapon of the woman" (...)

I look to the guys from the guys kindly and not me ... haha "

I CAN NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO ANSWER ALL YOUR NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So please be ned sour, not even if I was to say or write ... just so long until I do it ...

Hey folks, I have over five thousand messages, so please be eaten ned always the same as when I write back is not equal...Just be patient habts.At most, I can not possibly answer anyway...As I said if you something about me then just a bunch of lies schrebts News...only what is really annoying when you're always the same so angry or disappointed if I am within 5 minutes.do not answer, then get it written messages like "I was wrong about...?.
and often it is also the case that I read through the news first, and my mind to write you back later, in retrospect, however, completely forgetting the fact Burschn ... sorry ... would just write over and over again. Had not thought of that degree in such a "swinish" side are so many types interessting, hihi:)

More about AnalBabsi

What are your hobbies?
photography, cooking, go out dancing, music, sport (but not too much, otherwise disappear my) sexy curves, I'm happy in the free nature ,....
What kind of music do you like?
house, rock, pop, classic ... actually all that is really good ...
If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
A LOT OF MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that everyone who abuses ******** or ******* locked away forever that I never lose the people who I love going (eg. )!!!!! by accident or disease
If you were stranded on an island what would you want to take with you?
VIEL WODKA!!!!!!!!!!
What was your most extraordinary sexual experience?
a man with a locally..I'm on stool Gessesse with splayed legs and he stood before me and I was then taken in this position...and that was full of locally..and it was not piss about partybude where all the nasty and fuck...no, it was a very cultured and decent place..I do not know whether it was he who noticed..maybe...naja me when passing by the lokalfüherer has seen soo infinitely greedy währrend in the eyes of the sch...my guy was just deep inside me...very exciting moment...and this is not to say that I am experienced in sex matters...but I already had a few exciting moments of sexual.
What turns you on the most on a man?
Very own character! and broad shoulders, so I can always cuddle me ...
What type of man do you like?
he should be level and demanding, but very modest...men who enjoy living just about large matters, such as in an expensive vacation or something...and then no more than kleinigkeit this is very sad...He should just be a real guy and have his own opinion.head should be in no case be of today's media world nerdish influenced and harmed....and with boys of my age, the only one in the head and have indeed celebrate, fun, sex...I absolutely can not do anything...Such types have me intressiert with 12, now I want an older experienced gentleman who has also had negative experiences in his life, not every problem like the tail moves in and gets frightened like a ***********....my man can type anything feminine in themselves, a real guy should not even be able to cook...well, it must be! indeed is not so easy to find such a man would be years before 100 all certainly easier, but now seems that the gender mix in some way and can be distinguished from male female not more often...He should be large and dark...when he stands before me, and I look up to him, he has to me to be able to impress with his strength and masculinity, and the right to do something angst...If I touch his skin, his poor...then I want to feel rough hairy male skin, which is the complete opposite of me...yes, and in his poor, I would like the world to feel as safe as anywhere else on the...but you can still like me even though it is not allowed to write this type male equivalent, macht ja nix...also like to write just schweinische news with you...hihi:).
How often do you need sex?
If I am not in any relationship then not really, it gives me to myself .. but in a relationship a lot ... I could not imagine a relationship without sex, then it would indeed be something wrong, I greatly .. do not understand women who go for an extended period and so can not make more beautiful for her partner ...