A Small Interview

Foot Fetish

A Small Interview

I was asked a few questions today about my likes, and hey! Why not, lets be sharing and caring...

Q: Which five things do you like to do best on video?

A: OK, I prefer fetish work to straight up banging so here goes...

1: Next Would Have to be my love of putting ice cubes up willing bottoms 2: Face slapping!, I love face slapping (the giving of) It is just well! Wow! Squee! 3: Sensually play with a blindfolded sub and various things Inc.. Violet wand 4: Wax play, oh! For the pretty patterns! :D and number five? well thats a secret! hehe


Q: What is the most extreme thing you have done?

A: Though this was not recorded, Had a guy foir the full afternoon and went through every fetish imaginable! until they were wriggling in delight :D


Q: Are you more Dom or sub?

A: Tricky one! It depends on the person, It is an unexplained feeling, rather less than seeing people in two camps of sub or Dom, but more seeing yourself on a sliding scale, there are those I just could not be one way or the other to me, It really does end up that I cannot switch roles with the same person, that the feeling is one or the other, usually that means, I cannot be subservient to one who has knelt before me previously, as for 'sub' the term has never felt like it suited me, as I am naturally assertive, with squeesish tendencies that make me feel to certain people that I could only be a slave to them


Q: So then you are a Sadist? A: Probably :D


Q: How long have you been into M/s.. A: In Real relationships since age 18, but feelings towards the lifestyle well before then


Q: You are Pansexual and Polyamourous? how does that work? A: The simple answer is bloody wonderfully! :D

***** Q: What brand are your favourite shoes and boots? A; My favourite boots are New Rock, my favourite brand of shoes are Iron Fist!


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