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I play with his cock and bring him to the edge over and over until his useless juice starts dripping! Then he starte begging to get at least a ruined orgasm. At the end there is only mess, sperm and oil, just runs out of his frustrated Cock. Of course i ruin his orgasm and after that i get out my vibrator and play around with his sensitive dick... lol. Since I have so many faithful Sub's here, I will soon start a chastity video diary. There will be a new guide for you every week how you can ruin your orgasm for me and of course want you to thank me nicely and send me beautiful proof photos of your dripping sub-cocks.... #keuschhaltung #ruinedorgasm #fußfetisch

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  • nachtschwaermer

    Oct 7, 2018, 7:32:17 PM

    Perfekt ruiniert!!! Sehr gut! Gerne mehr :)

  • 99Klaus

    May 11, 2018, 10:25:01 PM

    Wow, mir fehlen die Worte, unglaublich wie diese junge Lady diesen zum bersten geilen Schwanz melkt und rücksichtslos ruiniert dreifach ablaufen lässt, Hut ab. Ein Lehrvideo für jede Lady die ihren Hengst zu erziehen will zu einem bedingungslos treuen und hörigen Partner

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