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  • Nov 4, 2017, 6:53:36 AM

    Photo requests!

    I'll be taking lots of photos this evening and a few videos to add to my profile.


    Any requests?


    Sarah xxx

  • Nov 4, 2017, 1:12:53 AM


    Welcome to my page!

    Buy my photos and I will chat to you for free!

    Buy an album and I will send you very naughty photos!


    ​​​​​​I'm usually up very late at night so message me if you want to chat and I will reply super fast!

    Hello boys. I'm a filthy bitch who has tried pretty much everything. I'm definitely a SUB and love nothing more than being ordered around by a strong man.

    What can I do for you sir?

    I'm bisexual. I may love being dominated by men, but I do the dominating with women, they're beautiful little sex toys that need to be abused ;)

    I love playing with myself while following a guy's instructions. Tell me what you want me to do to myself...

    I'm an expert in being a good little SUB for Sir and I'm so filthy I'll do pretty much anything. I haven't needed to use a safe-word yet, is there a man out there who can actually find my limit?


    #blonde #sub