About me

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What kind people would you like to meet?
I am a very sociable and happy person who loves to meet new people and talk for hours on end about anything that interests you. I want to connect with people from all walks of life and get to know you!
What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are many, including but not limited to : dancing, singing (not very well, might I add), watching movies all day long. cooking, long walks and funny chats
What kind of music do you like?
The 70's were the absolute best! I also enjoy modern music with catchy lyrics!
Have you ever met someone in person that you got to know online?
Never but I would love that so much!
A Party is not a Party without....
Vodka shots! :D
If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
Definitely would love to have a small cottage in the woods, a cute puppy and a nice man! But you can fulfill my other wishes by checking out my Amazon wishlist : http://a.co/aY4PMT1
What are the three most important things in your life?
There's nothing more important in this life than FREEDOM, HAPPINESS and LOVE
If you were stranded on an island what would you want to take with you?
My e-cigarette :D
How often do you visit the site?
I'm Online every day from 2PM to 3 AM
Where is your favorite place to have sex?
Any place you can have sex is my favourite place!
Your favorite sexual position?
Doggy-style for life ;)
What turns you on the most on a man?
A generous, **** and a little bossy man is my DREAM man~!
How often do you need sex?
Every day!
Is penis size important to you?
Do you have a fetish?
I'm very kinky so we can explore all your fetishes!