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Female Domination

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Long is her, your time as an alpha male. But every now and then you like to look back, right? Those were still times when you towed the girls. Not because you were so handsome, but because of your success. The little bitches were easy to get around. And now? Where did you land? Locked in the chastity belt, in the prison of your horniness. Unspoken, greedy and addicted to addiction. The addiction to me, the addiction to a strict mistress. Everything has changed. You have not had sex for years. Constantly this torment of lust and then all the suitors, the nylons and heels, which you now like to wear. All the tails that give you violently. In both holes. You're the queen in terms of blowjobs and not just that ... I got you where I wanted you! And it's not over yet ...

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  • TV-Sarah

    Mar 21, 2019, 11:57:17 PM

    Das Video ist echt der Hammer. Verschlossen im Keuschheitskäfig und zu einer Analgeile Sissy erzogen werden. Der Perfekte weg...

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