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Female Domination

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Is it luck or bad luck for you to make friends with your wife? On the phone she tells me brühwarm all the news. Among other things, from your lover. Of course, I feign her a lot of understanding for her situation. She does not need to know that I find her as stupid as you. I promise her high and holy to tell you nothing about it ... But ... it is also so that I dominate you for years and humiliate, let you masturbate and brainfucke. I'll tell you in detail how she did it with her Alphalover while I let you jerk off, of course. I must be surprised that you did not notice her affair. Be glad that you have me, wanker. At least I am so honest and tell you. Even if you do not want to hear all this and certainly not sooo accurate .. Yes sorry, I want to have something of it! So, tail out, ears! Best also handkerchiefs ready! No, certainly not because you will inject, optimist!

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