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    Doug and I had been best friends since the first day at school. Who knows why you choose your first friend? It could be that your mothers push you together. It could be because you turned up at the school gates at the same time. Or it could be because on the first day you sat down next to each other. All I know is that Doug and I were friends from the first day to, well right up to today. Through the first few years we were always in the same classes. We spent holidays at each other’s houses and our parents got to know each other pretty well too. And then we hit senior school. As puberty hit Doug became a bit of an athlete. He was captain of the football and rugby teams, he ran for the county and he was in the swim team. As you’ll imagine, he was a bit of a hit with the girls. He always had a choice of which girl to take to the disco and he seemed to choose a different girl each time. Me on the other hand, well, puberty didn’t do me any favours. Puberty came late so I was on the small side. I liked playing sports but being so small compared with the other boys, I never got picked for any of the school teams. What I lacked in physical ability I made up for by being bright. I wasn’t a natural when it came to talking to girls, but with Doug around, he always made sure that I had a date for the discos. As a typical adolescent I would get very horny when I got home from the disco and would play with myself. Seeing all those young, pretty girls dancing always got me really horny. But what really turned me on was watching Doug slow dancing with his latest girlfriend. It had started with me wishing I could be more like him and then the cool girls would be dancing with me. They would be resting their pretty heads on my broad chest. It would be their budding breasts and erect nipples held tightly to me athletic body. Then one day I realised that it wasn’t Doug I was really jealous of. It was the girls. I wanted to be held in his strong arms. I wanted to feel him cupping my buttocks through my thin dress. I wanted to feel his erection pushing in to my belly. I wanted to be looking deep in to his eyes as he kissed me passionately. It was about this time that I started exploring my sexuality. When I was only ten, Suzy my elder sister wanted to practise her make-up skills and Jane, our other sister wouldn’t let her. I always got on well with Suzy and was more than happy for her to paint my lips red, to put blusher on my cheeks and apply mascara to my long lashes. I didn’t know what was happening at the time, but looking back at it now, I realise that I was having my first erections. Mum put a stop to these make-up sessions when I started senior school, but I still got on well with my sister. The big film that summer had been Grease and the girls were all trying to be Olivia Newton John. They were all going for the look in the last scene in which she’s wearing those shiny black jeans. Doug’s date for the night, I think her name was Sarah, was wearing a pair of these jeans. They looked okay on her, but she had large thighs and they weren’t exactly flattering on her. As I was watching her dancing with Doug I could tell that he was getting turned on. He was holding her tight and his strong hands were squeezing her butt cheeks as he was grinding his groin in to hers. They were kissing passionately and I can’t deny that it wasn’t a little arousing. I was so jealous of Sarah. There she was in the sexiest of clothes and she had the best looking boy in the school playing with her body. When I got home that Friday night I came like I never had before. I closed my eyes and pretended that Doug was stroking my ass in those tight black shiny jeans. It was me he was kissing. It was my hand that went down between us and stroked him through his trousers. I went to ***** that night imagining how it had felt for Sarah having Doug man handle her.



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