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  • Sep 6, 2018, 12:31:29 AM

    Real not real, now and then ****

    I think so you have to see this ... a bankruptcy without bottom ... I'm curious if one of you still looks more than on the profile and knows what I'm looking for here ...

    Well, who of you ladies is on it .. not difficult, really not ...

    get in touch immediately if one finds its horizon higher than the edge

    # Inteligent # # horizon seeking # # get money box

  • Sep 3, 2018, 9:47:34 AM


    I am a photographer and what I often see here are pictures of amateurs who want to make money and offer their snapshots for sale. I have been taking pictures for a very long time and have a trade license for them. Do you know how difficult it is to bring photographs to the man (s) in the current photo-spilled time? If someone needs an advertising image, they rarely work on their own ideas to get the right picture
    Usually, you buy an existing stock photo for a few euros, which comes closest to what you need.

    Here I often ask myself the question ... who buys such a snapshot, usually 20 pictures that look almost the same without expressiveness, idea or even a feeling what could be transmitted in the picture.

    Too bad, there are so many great, open-minded people who simply deal liberally with their body or their sexuality and then you open the pictures gallery and .... hmmm yes. Pussy .. great ... tits ... great ... and? Boring. Since I prefer a comic on, I get to the pictures at least still speech bubbles describe the situations.

    At that time I took pictures with my girlfriend Akt, at first only for us ... snapshots. After about a year of shooting a picture from time to time while we had sex was the desire because the snapshots that were part of the sex game and increased the desire to be alone or for the time of desire to improve. I searched the internet. Sex sites on measure, free, paid, but mostly one-way. You could look at everything, but very rarely take a stand as you see it as a viewer. Vojourweb was the first page I found where this exchange took place. The Paid Page Redcouds. COM was our first internet appearance with our personal pictures. Clear, shy, and the idea of ??being recognized at first were big, so only bodies. Quickly we found some German who did the same and we had our own Tread to chat and post. The claims have grown rapidly, it would have to be made new pictures, snapshots were cool but at some point too little. This made us unable to shoot the pictures for us, they were suddenly an expression of our relationship and an expression of our freedom to work for others. Have a great time ... do you know something from your story? I would like to know if it was similar to you or how you see it. I would be happy if there is one or the other who started this way and on which stand you just and what is your goal ..

  • Jan 16, 2018, 8:10:09 PM

    first impression

    Horny thing .. but this is a game for Doofe ..

    Cover letter with questions and weak statements to make his money ... Ouch .. well .. for those of you who have more to offer than cheap beg, they will also read what is on the blog. That shows interest.

    Oh yes and what else .. if I find you interesting or you make me even..optically and we would see each other on the street .. would you for a hello, who are you .. hold your hand for small change for your answer get ????