Dicking in town

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Dicking in town

She then gently folds the sheet half over so that my lower body is covered, pours oil into her hands, and standing at the head of the table, starts to work on my back in long strokes from neck to top of hips. There's always that brief moment at the beginning of a session when you wonder if the therapist will have the right touch. Indeed she has a strong yet calming touch, as good therapists do. I turn my mind off right away to enjoy the next 75 minutes.  She proceeds to work down my back body, using her elbows to work my buttocks. As she's working, I can sometimes feel the soft swell of her breasts which is very pleasant. But I am used to this with the female therapists. We all have body parts. And the wellness center is not where I go to meet women.  She works all the way down to my feet to finish up my back body. "OK, Marc, you know the drill. I'm going to lift this sheet so you can turn facing up, and don't forget to scoot down so your head is off the cradle."

She is openly moaning now. The teacher has become the participant. "Marc, I'm very close. Put the head of your cock in my ass for when I come. Now."  It's a massive turn-on that she dispenses completely with me fucking her pussy and knows exactly what she wants. Clearly, we have a fellow anal lover in our midst. I am happy to oblige. I swivel my hands slightly so that my fingertips are facing each other near her anus and gently part the flesh of her seat. There is so much oil that my cock easily slips into the aperture. She bears down and groans her delight. After a few seconds, the tight ring relaxes somewhat, and I can feel the mushroom head of my cock slip a bit further inside. Absolutely heavenly. I fuck her ass with my cock head with short quick strokes as she brings herself off. "Oh my god... oh fuck, your cock head feels so good in my ass! Mmmmm, I'm coming on it. Feel my asshole twitch on your cock as I cum. Ahhhhhh, yessssss..." Indeed I can feel her ass pulsate on my cock -- one of my favorite things about anal sex. It's the most intimate and sensual moment, to be that connected with a woman in the peak of her pleasure and feel the tight glove of her ass squeeze my cock as she cums. She lets go of the vibrator and continues to work her oil-lubed ass on my cock with her hands now on my shoulders. More than half of my fat 8-incher is pumping in and out of her ass now. Somehow I don't think she intended to go this far with me, but I'm not complaining. Her pussy is creaming onto my cock, adding to the makeshift oil lubrication, and the ensemble feels fantastic. She must sense I need to blow my load soon and is speeding up her rhythm now. I reach around front and play with her clit with the pads of two fingers, while my other hand strokes her back and the base of her neck. What an amazing sight and sensation. A desirable woman, very knowledgeable about earthly delights, pleasuring herself on my cock with her ass. We move in perfect unison as I quicken my movements, nearly all my cock in her ass now. She alternates relaxing and squeezing her anus as my cock goes in and out.  


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