About me

Hey sweetie I'm a submissive little fuck piece that does everything for her masters.
I stand on BDSM and try a lot at the moment with my master and master.
So please no requests, I have a master and I am very happy with him.

I do not offer user meetings, but you can send me your fetish wishes which I will gladly fulfill in my videos or photos;)

As soon as I have earned a bit of money here, I will invest it in new sex toys and in a (reasonably) sensible camera, as unfortunately I am currently recording all pictures and videos only with a mediocre smartphone.

Check it out every now and then, I'm still very new here and will publish as many new galleries and videos as soon as possible.

Unfortunately I hardly have any time during the week because I am working a lot. At the weekend you can find me online more often.

Your CrazyCat95

More about CrazyCat95

How often do you visit the site?
mostly on weekends
Your favorite sexual position?
What sex toys do you like?
Mass Stability, Vibrator, Anal Plug
How often do you need sex?
Every day
Is penis size important to you?
And! :)