About me

I am just an American slut who loves cock. But, I also have a side of me that likes to humiliate and cage men. If you like to be a caged slave I am the Mistress you've been looking for!  Cum one cum all to the best "fuckin" time you'll have. Let me break it down for you..

My name is Fotze, I am a sub (and sometimes a switch) and I love being an open minded sexual person. I am into a rather broad range of sexual kinks and don't mind answering any questions one might have.

I love cock. I love teasing it, kissing it, caressing it, sucking it, bangin it, and just plain worshiping it.

I also have a big phat ass booty that I love to show off and amateurly twerk.

I can and will humiliate and degrade you as well.... I am pretty dang good at it..

Though it tends to be a little bit of a hard limit at times, I still love a good ol hardcore anal fucking. ATM- ass to mouth- is enojoyable, within reason.

Swallowing is preferred, although cream pies are a close second and if neither of those are possible within the heat of the moment, please don't hesitate to blow your load all over my face, feet or ass. 

The more kinky friends the better, so cum one cum all!!! 

Love you guys!!