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  • The night I lost my virginity.

    Big Dick

    The night I lost my virginity.

    "PETE!!" I started running towards my friend's convertible while he laughed at me. He opened the passenger door for and I jumped in and wrapped him in a hug like I always do when I see him. It was different this time, it was like neither of us wanted to let go. When we pulled away I saw a look of reluctance on his face before he said " clean up nice." And then the kiss... His lips were so soft but the power he used was immense. He tried to pull away but I placed my hand on the back of his neck and pulled him back to my mouth. My lips parted and his fingers wound in my hair as our tongues intertwined. Gently sucking, biting, moaning... He pushed me back, ******* me into the back seat. I became shockingly aware of how short my skirt was. "Pete...Pete please..." I placed a hand on his chest as we continued kissing, fumbling with the buttons on his shirt then finally rubbing his toned pecs and abs with my small hand. I heard him breath out deeply. He pulled away long enough to lift my shirt over my head before ******* his tongue into my mouth again. His rough hands found the clasp of my bra and with one quick movement it was thrown into the front seat. He kissed my lips, gently sucked on my lower lip before kissing his way down my neck. He kissed my collarbone, sending a wave of electricity through me. My breath quickened as he kissed down my breasts before taking one into his mouth, flicking and sucking the nipple. The electricity came back, I moaned his name as he massaged and sucked my breasts. I felt his free hand travel down my side and down my leg, bending my knee up. His fingers barely touched my skin as he moved them up my thigh, brushing them slightly across my panty-covered slit. He moved his hand farther up and soon my thong was up in the front seat with my bra. His fingers danced across my mound, I know he could feel how wet I was. I'm sure he felt how badly I wanted him, needed him. Before I knew it he had two fingers in my hole, pushing them in and pulling them out. His head was between my legs, licking up and down my slit as he fingered me. Then... "Ooooooh!!! Pete!! Oh baby that's it!!" He had his lips around my clit, sucking and twirling his tongue around it. He removed his fingers and starting rubbing my clit as his dart like tongue pushed into my hole. He picked up speed and it wasn't too long before I had my first orgasm right into his waiting mouth. He lapped my juices up like it was the nectar of gods. I lay there with my skirt pushed up and my legs spread wide, my eyes closed while I caught my breath. He was completely naked when I opened my eyes. His long cock hard and inviting stood straight up, he laughed when he caught me staring wide mouthed. "Like it baby Do you want it" His eyes glistened mischievously down at me. He positioned himself between my legs, holding his cock at my opening. I moved my body closer to him, begging. He smiled wickedly, moved the head of his massive cock along my slit up to my breasts and back down. He teased me for what seemed like eternity. "Do you want it baby" He asked again. I screamed, "Yes!! Yes!! I want you inside me!! I want you now!!" Before I knew it he thrust into me, somehow his whole cock went in and his balls slapped against my ass as he took my cherry. I screamed in pain but soon it ebbed into pleasure as he quickened his strokes. "Ohhhh.... Yeah you like that baby You like my big cock in you" "Yes!! YES!!! Oh Pete!! Harder!! Harder!!" He moaned as he penetrated me, holding one of my legs up to make it easier. I didn't know it was possible but I felt him grow inside of me, felt him become harder. He moved his hips faster and harder, rubbing my clit with his cock every time he pushed back in. I felt something brew inside of me, like it had earlier but I knew this time it was going to be bigger. I bent my head back, gripped the seat and arched my back as I came on his shaft. "OOOOOH!!!!Oooooh PETE!!! YESSSS!!! YESSSSSS!!!" The orgasm rocked my body and I could tell from the way his face contorted that he was ready too. As my orgasm came to an end I felt his hot semen shoot into me. He groaned loudly, digging his short nails into my thighs as his juices mixed with mine. He continued pumping until he was spent. He pulled out and I could feel our cum slide down my legs. He pulled me up so my face was level with his cock. "Clean it baby." Taking his cock in hand I looked up at him before placing my lips around the head, sucking and licking him clean. Our mixture swirled in my mouth as he gripped my hair. I licked him from base to tip, sucked on his balls and then returned to the head. My spit and our cum glistened on him as I jerked him, pretty soon I felt him tense up so I fit as much of his cock in my mouth as I could and swallowed down his second load.


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