Once upon a time I became a squirter


Once upon a time I became a squirter

I had been sexually active since my mid teens, by the time i was seventeen I had my very first threesome with two gay friends of mine from back home that ran thier own salon and threw some of the best parties.  It was the **** of party that swingers attend, ofcourse I was still quite young and very curious, however this was all new to me.  I was much like a girl coming into her own.  Alert, eagar and open, all the ingredients required for lots of freaky hot wet steamy sexual activity.  I'd always wondered how it would be with two men touching kissing sucking on me focused on me pleasing my body over and over, and I also imagined it would be spectacular seeings how they where also gay I felt they'd be very intune with my needs.  I was right,  candles lit everywhere throw rugs and pillows on floor infront of lovely fireplace and arranged next to was rose petals champagne and strawberries with hot chocolate it was one of the most erotic hot satisfying moments of my life. By my twenties I had plenty of drunkin nights and lots of one night stands, with a few (omg you ***** with that), in the inbetween.

I was a wild one continously needing tp feel and experience new thngs, and like that of a newly turned vampire, Something fierce and hungry came alivei n me I was driven and craved pleasure,  I wanted more, and with more pleasure came more experience. I began to see what my body could indure and produce sexually aware is what i was and a sex freak in the most serious of ways

by the time I reached 37 I thought I was at my sexual peek and it couldnt get any better than it was,  boy was i ever wrong what came next I didnt plan for and certainly wasnt prepared for but his name was Johnny. In his mid 40's a thug hard worker and eater of women, his toungue as well as his dick could do things i had never fathom or imagine

slick in the lip could talk you into or out of just about anything, but his vocal capability didnt compare to his sexual abilities.

See I had a thought proccess that stated some woman could squirt some women couldn't, I naturally assumed that I fell into the category of cant do it.  However I met a man who changed my very body chemistry and put my body through a conditioning and training on a sexual level most couldnt handle.  it was like not only was my body his my mind and very will was his as well. my body was his now and at will of his touch and command of his lips my body quivered and spasmed gushing externally like a volcanic eruption.  He repeated this exercise over and over and over in different ways using his techniques and skillage in many different ways that test my bodys tolerance levels to multiple orgasms and pleasure.


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