Fuck me on a Harley

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Fuck me on a Harley

It was the Fourth of July. I had gone with a friend to a barbecue. It's awkward when you don't know nobody and I'm a shy girl so making friends is tough sometimes. My friend introduced me to her boyfriends brother and man he was hott! He was about 10 years older than me but I've always been drawn to older men. They don't bring bull to the table like the young ones. We hit it off great. We talked about camping and fishing, his time in the service but what I really wanted to talk about was the bulge I saw in them jeans. He asked me to take a ride on his Harley and I admit, a man on a hot bike makes me drool. We went down to the lake where it was nice and quiet and sat under a beautiful old tree. We laid back taking in the view from above. Watching the birds fly back and forth through the lush leaves. We talked for a while but I was tired of talking. I rolled over to face him and without missing a beat he leaned in and kissed me. His mustache tickled and I wondered if it would tickle my pussy if he licked it. His hand was working it's way down my body and it felt good. I put my leg over his and he grabbed my ass pulling me into him and I felt his hard cock through his jeans. We was kissing with such passion I was getting wet and horny. His mouth went down to my tits and I grabbed his head. He said " you like that baby?" I said "I'd like it better with your head between my legs sugar" He happily obliged by pulling off my skimpy shorts and lapping his tongue up and down my wet pussy. His mustache did tickle and it sent a thrill through my body. I stared up at the tree and the beautiful sky, holding his head and rubbing my sweet juices all over his face. He sucked it up! I felt that sweet pleasure coming, welling up and I came all over. He happily licked me clean. Now it was my turn. I said " come here now baby and drop them drawers. I want to get a lick of your big lollipop." His pants was dropping before I even finished my words. His hard cock looked so good. I wrapped my lips around it and let it slide on my tongue down to my throat. I could taste his leakage on my lips and I wanted more. I grabbed his ass and showed him what I wanted and he went straight to work. Grabbing two fists full of my long blonde hair and fucking my face. Man he taste good! I could feel that special feeling in my clit again and I touched it while I was sucking him. Then he said " baby I'm gonna cum" and tried to pull away but that wasn't happening. I held tight to that ass and sucked and licked and sucked and licked til he blew his load in my mouth and I drank that sweet juice down! He laid down beside me with a big smile. He said " Damn girl I'm so glad you came. I thought this was gonna be one boring day but being with a beautiful woman in my special place , well let's just say you made my day". I kissed him softly and said " you know what would make my day? Fuck me on that Harley" He jumped up and grabbed my hand. He sat on the bike and I straddled him. Making sure my tits were against his chest and his cock in my wet pussy. It was tougher than I thought! We had to try and keep the bike still because I was pumping his cock, letting it fill me up and damn it felt so good. He thought so too because he came pretty quick but I didn't mind. I came as soon as I jumped on that sweet bike and felt his cock inside me! We got dressed and he showed me around town. I played with his cock as we drove and we took a couple detours to get a quickie in here and there. It was a wonderful ride. That night when everybody left we sat by the fire pit and talked for a while, then we made love right there under the moon. I'll never forget that night or him. Now everytime I see fireworks I think of him, his hard cock and his sweet sweet Harley.


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